Live: Ukraine claims it destroyed about one-third of Russia’s modern tanks


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Following the reports of Moscow having to reactivate its T-62 tanks — Soviet-era armour introduced in 1961 — Ukrainian officials stated its forces destroyed about 30% of Russia’s more çağdaş ones, a figure that is only expected to increase according to Interior Ministry advisor Viktor Andrusiv.

Meanwhile, reports from Sievierodonetsk claim that the Ukrainian forces are in a “tough position”, with the fiercest fighting taking place in the outskirts of the only Kiyv-controlled city in the Luhansk region.

Follow the latest developments on Sunday in our live blog below, or watch our live coverage in the player above:


Sunday’s key events:

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron held a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin on Saturday, calling for “serious direct negotiations” with Kyiv and the release of Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered at Azovstal.

  • Kyiv fears a repeat of the horrors of Mariupol as a Russian offensive in the eastern Donbas region makes progress amidst intense fighting. 

  • In Lithuania, ordinary citizens rallied around a donation drive to buy a Bayraktar drone for the Ukrainian forces, with the €5-million goal met in four days.

  • Russian Orthodox Church denied that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has declared independence or gained autocephaly, stating on Saturday that its unity is “preserved”.

  • Earlier, the Moscow-affiliated Ukrainian Orthodox Church announced on Friday that it was breaking with Russia, declaring its “full independence” from Russian spiritual authorities — in what is widely seen as a historic move.

  • Nearly 3 million Ukrainian refugees have left the countries bordering Ukraine, where they flocked after the Russian invasion, to move to other non-neighbouring European countries, according to the UNHCR.

  • “The Donbas will be Ukrainian”, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a speech on Friday night, commenting on Russian claims of taking control of Lyman and attempts to seize Sievierodonetsk.


Danish anti-ship missiles, US howitzers arrive in Ukraine

Ukraine has started receiving Harpoon anti-ship missiles from Denmark and self-propelled howitzers from the US — arms that will bolster forces fighting Russia’s invasion, Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on Saturday.

“The coastal defence of our country will not only be strengthened by Harpoon missiles – they will be used by trained Ukrainian teams,” Reznikov wrote on his Facebook page.

He said Harpoon shore-to-ship missiles would be operated alongside Ukrainian Neptune missiles to defend the coast, including the southern port of Odesa.

Live: Ukraine claims it destroyed about one-third of Russia’s modern tanks

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